Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turn of the Heal.

I am almost finish my sock. It is taken longer than expected, but it looks good. In my last Meetup group in Hillandale, I got great instruction on turning the heal. As soon as I learn how to pick up the stitiches and finish, I will be cranking socks out right and left. My Meetup group in White Flint will be meeting tomorrow. Everyone get ready I will be making socks and giving them out as gifts in the future. As soon as I get board with socks, I will move on the scarves, hats, etc, etc. etc.

I'm happy to be part of the Ravelry community, I'm a new member and still trying to find out how it works.

I also am sewing and am almost finish my skirt from my class I've been taking for the past month. I will be posting pics of both when I get the chance. I talked to my sister, who is currently deployed in Iraq. I may be doing knit alongs long distance. I want to deplete my yarn stash and fabric stash. The only thing I don't have is a lot of time. This is where my time management skills come in.

Well, I'm going to dash off, I have to get up early for work and though I have more to write about, I haven't collected my thoughts enough to put in blog form.

Thanks to my followers and be patient with me.

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cici said...

what a cool name for a blog! Good luck on the socks. Welcome to ravelry... beware it can be addictive♥