Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Baaaccckkk!!!

It's been a while but a lot of things have been going on with me, hence, I'm going to write little by little to get it all in over a period of blog. The big snow motivated me to review my favorite blogs.

I've started knitting, sewing, and reading. It's been hard, because I've been working too, but for my sanity I have to get activity out side of work or I will go looney tunes.

I'm finding there are plenty of people that are knitters, crocheters, and sewers. Who would have thought? I've gone fanatical with all my hobbys and have to manage my time carefully.

As soon as I can, I going to learn to put my photos and eventually video of my activities. I'm also in the midst of organizing my office and craft room. Those of you who knows me, knows organization is not my strong suite. I have enlisted help of a co-worker and friend who is good at this thing. So I keep you up to date on this.

Anyhow, I will check back with my progress.

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jduvalseries said...

Glad you are back from where ever you were. Hope it was a pleasant trip (smile).